The Positive News That Is Taking Wilmington By Storm Has Created A Web Series

City Focus is a web series that highlights Wilmington Delaware in a awesome light! The only press that we are allowed to see is more than negative!! Being an expert in propaganda and video production I understand what positive imagery can do to the masses!! So we decided to show this amazing city and the people that live in it in a positive light! Lets make Wilmington better by using one video, one story and one smile at a time..

Philadelphia Wants To Turn An Artist’s Studio Into A Parking Lot

Dupree Studios, 3617 Haverford Ave, Philadelphia, is an 8,000 sq ft. property developed by Philadelphia artist James Dupree. Dupree Studios is an artist’s sanctuary, holding multiple classrooms, studio spaces and separate apartments. The owners of this property had their deed seized by the City of Philadelphia under the law of eminent domain and revitalisation plans for the area. Dupree Studios is a positive impact for the community of Mantua, West Philadelphia, but may be removed for a private developer to build a supermarket and massive parking lot on the land. Although Dupree Studios supports the revitalisation of Mantua, James Dupree is not being offered fair compensation to relocate such a massive studio space and is being forced to forfeit his investment and life-long dream.

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Some people claim love is unconditional.  That would mean that one would have no expectations of self or that of others.  Love is what you make it yet have the courage enough to expect to be treated as one deserves.  If cheating, lying absence of God and unauthenticy is love then I rather do without! ~Giftofthepen